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If you are 55 or older and you regularly drink alcohol, this website may be of interest to you!


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In the Netherlands, more than 85% of the adult population drinks alcohol and people aged 55 to 70 drink an average of 7.5 glasses of alcohol per week. Alcohol use among over-55s is on average higher than among young people and they drink more often on a daily basis. Because people over 55 generally have more free time, they drink both during the week and at the weekend.
In general, it appears that most users of alcohol know little about the effects and possible health risks of alcohol.                                                 

Here are some questions. You can see what you know about this or recognize it in yourself.

  • Do you easily participate in cozy situations and parties or do you decide how much you drink?
  • Did you know that a headache/hangover can be caused by a reduced fluid balance in your body?
  • Did you know that drinking alcohol increases the risk of falling?
  • Are you aware that alcohol and medication often do not mix?

Do you feel that you are drinking too much?

Are you curious about whether your alcohol consumption poses any health risks? Do you use medication and are you not sure whether it is harmful in combination with alcohol? Moti55 will answer all your questions. 

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Moti-55 Helps you control your usage

Drinking more than you intended to is also known as loss of control. Loss of control is one of the effects of alcohol. Alcohol numbs a certain part of the brain (the frontal cortex). When this part is sedated, disinhibition occurs which can have different effects on people. For example, it may be that one starts drinking more or becomes emotional more quickly. Moti-55 can help you get a grip on your alcohol consumption.

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