Gain insight into
your usage

By recording your alcohol consumption, you can become more aware of how much you actually drink. If you have more knowledge about alcohol, you will recognize the related complaints sooner.

As you gain more knowledge and insight into your alcohol consumption, you can consider what you would like to do with this. You can, for example, ask yourself whether you ever experience complaints when you have drunk alcohol or whether you sometimes drink more than is good for you? By participating in Moti55 you can come to a decision.

What do
we bet on?

Would you like to think about your alcohol consumption, do you want to drink less alcohol or are you considering stopping? But you don't know how? In an information meeting you will become clear what Moti55 could benefit you.

Moti55 a 
tailor-made trajectory

The route is tailor-made. Together with you, it is determined how and on what you want to work. If you participate in Moti55, you will be supported by a prevention officer in drawing up an action plan. Moti-55 consists of four conversations. Two months after these meetings, a 'follow up' meeting will take place during which the progress of your plans will be discussed. The Moti55 trajectory is a preventive offer and not a care offer.

The aim of Moti55 is that people over 55 years old:

  • Reflecting on their alcohol consumption
  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  • Improving quality of life, for example, by becoming fitter or sleeping better.

Recognize your limits and achieve goals

During the Moti55 process, the aim is to give you more insight and awareness about what alcohol does to you. You will also look at what you want to do in the future. You may come to the conclusion that it is allowed less or that you even want to stop. If you come to a choice, we will make a plan together with you about how you want to get started.

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